Author Picture

Radoslaw Lewandowski

Radosław Lewandowski was born on 26 May 1968 year in Płock, Poland.
A graduate of the Faculty of Management and the Department of Economic Sciences of the University of Warsaw.
A longtime employee of the local administration and the State.
A lover of literature and film from the genre of fantasy, science fiction, space opera, and colorful and slightly bloody stories.
One of the founders of the Płock science fiction Club "Elgalh ˈ ai"
Amateur historian, interested in the culture of early Slavic and Scandinavian, mainly including the three golden ages of the Vikings ".

The author of the novel:
Yggdrasil I - Strings of Tine - dealing with the travel in time and between dimensions
Yggdrasil II - Exodus - space opera, describing the humanity in the face of cosmic destruction
The Vikings. Wolven Heritage - stories of the struggle for power and the journey to the new world.
The Vikings. Invaders from the North "-story describing the fate of Viking among the Indians of North America.
The Vikings axes and scimitars -a story about group travel of the Vikings and the Indians, by the river Rus it Byzantium.
The Vikings land of the Prophet -closing the cycle "the Vikings". It describes an adventurous way Norse mercenaries by the Caliphate of Cordoba and Sicily.