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Luiza Dobrzynska

Luiza 'Eviva' Dobrzyńska is a native of Warsaw, and medical technician by profession. She's been writing since she was twelve, and is currently associated with the Astrum publishing house as a historical biographer.

She runs a blog called The Old Maid And The Sea, which has more than two and a half million views. Luiza reviews books for and, and writes for and Her shorter pieces have been published numerous times online and received many awards, including the Free The Fantasy award from PolCon, Poland's largest science fiction and fantasy convention.

In its original Polish, Luiza's debut novel, Dusza ("The Soul") was initially awarded first place in the Literary Debut of the Year, but was unfortunately later disqualified due to a conflict with one of the rules. The same book received second place in the Nautilus Awards of 2013. The sequel, Kawalkada ("The Cavalcade"), was nominated as the Spring Book of the Year for 2012 in the science fiction/fantasy category on

In 2015, she won third place in the PolCon Fantasy Short Story Contest, and honorable mention in Creatio Fantastica Quarterly.