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Katarzyna Szewiola-Nagel

I was born in the seventies in the city with the highest population density per square meter, i.e. Świętochłowice. I am a therapist by education, but I have taken many jobs in my life, including the lion's share of books and calendars. I have been writing since I can remember. I treated it like a medicine for a wounded soul and I think it still is, although with time I think that I do it more for those who are waiting for the next turn of fate of my created characters.

I’m a mother, a fool and a scribbler author. This patch has been following me for years. In 2012, a debut book entitled "Mroki" appeared on the market. Since 2013, I have been a member of the Silesian Fantasy Club, and since 2018 I have been active in the Silesian fandom award committee, i.e. Śląkfy.

In 2014, in a tournament organized by the action: "Poles Not Geese", I won the second place in the category: Debutant of the year. In 2015, in the already cult fanzine of the Białystok Fantasy Club: "Widok z Wysokiego Zamku", a short story was published in the post-apo genre under the title "Evacuation", which is continued in episodes. In 2016, the title "Orian" appeared, which won second place in the competition of the niche publishing house Pearlic. The same story this year (2020) was reissued in the above-mentioned fanzine, in which another text was printed under the title "Bastion". I can be proud of publications written in the horror genre, which were disclosed in the Histeria Magazine (2018): "Jakubek" and Okolica Strachu (2017): "Diet".

In 2018, minor texts appeared in the anthologies of the writing portal Sweek. They were: "Her History" and "Microhistory 2018". That same year, I signed a 5-year license agreement with the American publishing house Royal Hawaiian Press, covering the "Darkness" trilogy. The first volume is now available, while the second is in preparation (translated). I am currently working on "book three".

In my spare time, as a freelancer, I help with the editing and proofreading of texts, I draw and design tattoos, I also breed exotic animals, especially geckos. Since 2012, I have been supporting a fan group associated with EA Polska and BioWare. The group is called "Haven of the Gray Guard". I correct the translations of news and the Polish language of games. As an active editor, I support the Alpaka Fan Publishing Group and the portal "Historykon".