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Joanna Pyplacz

Joanna Pypłacz is a Cracow-based Polish writer, photographer and scholar. She is the author of five published novels ("August Nacht ", Warsaw 2015; "Krzyk Persefony", Katowice 2015; "Mechaniczna ćma", Chorzów 2017; "Nierozdzielne", Chorzów 2018; "Podziemia", Chorzów 2019), two research studies (The Aesthetics of Senecan Tragedy, Cracow 2010; When Legends Come Alive, Cracow 2010) as well as of numerous journal articles. Her fields of interest – apart from literature and photography – include i.a. history, cemetery art, the Gothic subculture and classical music.lar is the most popular and successful romantic fantasy author in Russia.

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