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Eva J. Stensrud

Eva J. Stensrud was born in 1959 in the town of Hamar, in Hedmark, Norway, but she also has ancestors amongst the peasant folk of Toten. Currently, she lives in Nesodden with her husband, which is near Oslo. She has a son and two grandchildren.

Eva began her studies to become a teacher in 1979, with a focus on English and music. As part of her ongoing studies, she has worked with mentally-disabled people, and even in a psychiatric ward. In 1984, she moved to Oslo to work on her PHD in English. A few years later, she took a teaching position as an English teacher in Nesodden, where she became the chair of the foreign language department from 1994 until 2003. She was also a choir director for four years, and in 1999 she began her career as an author, which resulted in the impressive, 60 volume Storgårdsfolk Saga - the Gold Mountain Saga.

Over the last few years, Eva has devoted herself completely to writing. She is a keen horse rider, and loves animals. In her free time, she is learning Spanish, which she practices while staying in her apartment in Mallorca. She loves the water, and learned to scuba dive a few years ago.

In 2011, Eva was diagnosed with cancer, but she survived the surgery and six rounds of chemotherapy, and everything turned out for the best in the end.