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Dr. Milos Jesensky

Dr Miloš Jesenský Ph.D. (born on May 23, 1973 in Čadca) is a Slovak researcher of anomalous phenomena, ufologist, writer and publicist. He studied at the University of Veterinary Medicine in Košice until 1995, then until 1999 he worked as an independent employee of the History Department at the East Slovakia Museum in Košice. From 1998, he was an independent researcher at the Faculty of History of the Slovak Academy of Sciences (SAV) in Bratislava. His doctoral thesis was entitled History of Alchemy in Slovakia, in the years 2001–2006 he worked in the Žilina Library as a bibliographic specialist, and then in the Office of Information and Foreign Contacts in the local government of the Žilina Region. Currently, he is the director of the Kysuce Museum in Čadca.
Dr Jesenský specializes in journalism in the field of history riddles, both in Slovakia and abroad. His literary output is extremely rich, he has written over 40 books, and his articles are published on websites and in magazines, also in Poland.