Who We Are

Royal Hawaiian Press

My name is Maria Cowen, a writer and owner of the Royal Hawaiian Press, www.royalhawaiianpress.com. Royal Hawaiian Press is a publishing house located in Honolulu Hawaii. This establishment was created in 2004, primarily to promote published and upcoming works of various foreign writers. Apart from making it easy and possible for writers to contact us and have their works promoted, we also do sourcing and finding of talents both locally and internationally. For quality, trustworthiness, and genuineness, we mostly seek well established writers, writing in their local or national language, which is not English.

We take up these writer’s publications, translate, edit, proofread, format, and thereafter publish in English speaking countries so as to diversify different cultures and languages making it possible for people all over the world to be acquainted with numerous foreign works and also make it easy for writers to grow their popularity abroad.

Our Aim

To offer writers in foreign countries (currently Norwegian, Polish, Russian & Turkish) the opportunity to break language barrier by having their books published in English speaking countries in a bid to widen the exposure and increase the reader’s audience of the writer.

We are also looking to expand even further as we are starting a Spanish branch with few books translated to Spanish for our Spanish speaking audience. However, this is not an easy and cheap task to complete. Considerable funds are invested into translating, copyediting, formatting, graphic design and of course advertising.

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Our Campaign Goal

With your support, we are seeking to raise $100,000 to help continue the promotion of these books and also, open new channels for other languages. For we at Royal Hawaiian Press, quality and accuracy is our top priority so we put both human effort and financial strength to make certain that our publications are top class with the highest quality for words and graphics.  Help us keep the good work going by supporting us.

Your backing will make it possible. Thank you for your support!
Royal Hawaiian Press